eMindMaps 2.0.8

A utility for creating mind maps in order to organize information
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eMindMaps is a utility that can help you create graphic representations for mind maps, just as its name suggests it. Mindmaps are diagrams that can help you structure, visualize, and classify your ideas. Ultimately, this process also helps you enhance your creative generation of new ideas, by re-arranging words and images around an initial central point.

The program is easy to use, since it displays an intuitive user-interface. Within it, you are able to create radial hierarchies and tree structures specific to building mind maps. Afterward, you may highlight their most important elements with specific colors, as well as insert hyperlinks and images, according to your needs and preferences. You are able to selectively hide or display branches, depending on the elements that you are trying to focus on at a certain time. The predefined symbols in the program's gallery are simple-looking, but other, more appropriately complex ones can also be imported. Once you finish working on a project, you are able to save the output in the program's specific format, or alternately, you may export it as text file, bitmap or web page. Furthermore, the program allows you to also print the resulting mind map.

To conclude with, this application comes across as highly useful for those who need an accessible tool for memorizing and organizing data, as well as spawning fresh ideas, and enhancing their overall creativity.

Margie Smeer
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  • Good memorizing tool
  • Useful in generating ideas


  • No set of drawing tools, which could prove to be useful
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